Upcoming PLUG Events

Linux Installfest:
April 13th, 6pm, REC 108

Ever wanted to try Linux but don’t know how? Want to try out a new OS with emotional support? Come to the Linux Installfest! We’ll be providing some install media for common distributions and guiding people through the install process. Existing users can bring their own distributions and help guide new users.

Open Source LAN Party:
April 17th, 6pm, REC 108

Free and open source games. Free candy. What more is there to say? Join us for our close-to-end-of-semester LAN party, where we can blow off some steam as we murder each other in Armagetron Advanced, Alien Arena, Warzone 2100, and more. Feel free to send us your suggestions and we can see about adding your game of choice to our list.

Github Management:
April 20th, 6pm, REC 108

Git is a great tool for collaborative development, but many people don’t take advantage of its most powerful features. At this talk, we’ll explain what branching and merging are and provide an example of how to use them in your projects.

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Open Source LAN

Fri, November 7, 6pm – 7pm

Our Open Source LAN is coming up. We will be playing open source games like Armagetron, Nethack, and Alien Arena. We will also most likely be ordering pizza for this event so if you would like some try and come a little early. We hope we can all see you there!

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First Linux 101 Session

Hey everybody we have the first linux 101 session – Intro to Linux coming up on:

Tue, September 2, 7pm – 8pm
We’ll be covering a little about what makes Linux special and some basic command-line tools to get you started.

I hope we can see you there.

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Wednesday, August 27, 6-7pm, EE117

Hi everyone. The callout is coming up. We will be discussing the future and any other plans. More events will be shown on the calendar at http://purduelug.org/calendar.

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New Events for the New Semester

Aug 23 – We have the B involved fair.

Aug 28 – We have the CS student Organization fair.

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Good Luck on Finals

We hope your finals go well!

Kick back and take a break from your exams by coming to PLUG Tea Time next Wednesday at 3pm in the MSEE Atrium!

This event will help you relax during exam week and serves as a farewell for PLUG’s graduating officers.  Bring a coffee mug and, optionally, tea you’d like others to try.  Tea and hot water will be provided.

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GithHub Tech Talk

GitHub will be visiting Purdue on April 22nd at 6pm in LWSN 1142.

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Linux 201 Cancelled this week

The last Linux 201 session this week on Thursday, April 17th has been cancelled because the presenter has an exam at that time. Linux 101 sessions will continue next semester.

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Open Source LAN

The Open Source LAN is this Friday at 7pm in LWSN B134. Bring your laptop or desktop. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Windows, Linux, or Mac. We will be playing open source games like Alien Arena, 0AD (if it works), Armagetron, Nethack, WarSow, Super Tux Kart, and more! Please install these games in advance. If you need help, stop by the PLUG office (LWSN B128) at 6pm and we’ll try to help you get them up and running.

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Linux 201: Regular Expressions 2!

The next Linux 201 is this Thursday (April 3rd) at 7pm in LWSN B158. The session will expand upon the basics covered in Regex 1 and talk about more advanced topics which will allow you to construct even more powerful expressions.


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