The PLUG Super Night Of Awesome


You’re invited to what is going to be the most awesome night in LWSN ever! That’s right! The PLUG SUPER NIGHT OF AWESOME! You may say to yourself, what could be so awesome that you typed the title in all caps? Well how about a fresh and controversial tech talk about DNS, DNSsec, and how it stopped SOPA? Did I mention it will be sponsored by OpenDNS so there will be free pizza, drinks, and OpenDNS swag!?!

But that is only the half of it. Part 2 of the super night of awesome will be PLUG’s Open Source LAN Party! Over 26 completely free and cross platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) games will be available for you to download, install and get your pwn on with! Game types including first person shooters, rts, tron style, sims, racing, and more! We will be setting up tournaments to see who the top gamers in LWSN are!

PLUG’s Super Night of Awesome will be March 30th, with the talk starting at 6:30 and the LAN following. It will be in LWSN B155. Make sure to come to this epic night!

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