Upcoming PLUG Events

Linux Installfest:
April 13th, 6pm, REC 108

Ever wanted to try Linux but don't know how? Want to try out a new OS with emotional support? Come to the Linux Installfest! We'll be providing some install media for common distributions and guiding people through the install process. Existing users can bring their own distributions and help guide new users.

Open Source LAN Party:
April 17th, 6pm, REC 108

Free and open source games. Free candy. What more is there to say? Join us for our close-to-end-of-semester LAN party, where we can blow off some steam as we murder each other in Armagetron Advanced, Alien Arena, Warzone 2100, and more. Feel free to send us your suggestions and we can see about adding your game of choice to our list.

Github Management:
April 20th, 6pm, REC 108

Git is a great tool for collaborative development, but many people don't take advantage of its most powerful features. At this talk, we'll explain what branching and merging are and provide an example of how to use them in your projects.