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Linux 201!

First and foremost, for the love of all things open source people, remind me to update. I keep forgetting.

With that said, here's an update on what's been going on! I'm not going to attach meeting minutes this time around because there's such a large buildup, but I will attach …

Woah! Update time.

Well, I've not been keeping up, have I? Sorry about that. So, here's a massive update for you.

Our library is now massive! Ok, so it's not huge, but we probably have a book on most technical topics you could ask for. And a binder of printed man pages. Yup …

Open Source Repository

I wonder how many people are actually reading this blog. Either way, there's a new Open Source Repository up on campus!

Hosted by the IEEE CSociety ( and maintained by me for PLUG, the new Open Source Repository is available at Right now we …

Meeting Minutes 10-11-16

I've decided to switch my dating system to a more easily searchable format. YY-MM-DD. No guarantee I'll stick with it, though. Not much happened because we didn't have an actual agenda available, so it was all meeting addendum. It eventually decayed in us trying to find the worst possible simulators …

Meeting Minutes 11/9/10

Sorry for the delay (again), but here are the meeting minutes! Also, get to work on that wiki! ANY information that could be useful to purdue linux users is wanted :D

Meeting Minutes 11/9/10

Meeting Minutes 11/2/10

Sorry for the lack of updates and the late upload lately. We're getting back on track again!

Meeting Minutes 11/2/10

New Wiki!

Hello again, our friends and followers! This is just a quick post to let you know we have a new wiki! It's fairly sparse right it needs info! Fill it up with any stuff you find relevant! The faster it gets filled, the better! Anyway, the wiki is …

Cerner Tech Talk!

A cerner linux administrator is coming to Purdue to talk about the backend for cerner's systems. He's gonna be in LWSN 155, and chances are good (but not 100%) that pizza will be served.

Come on by on Thursday (September 30th) at 7 PM! We'd love to see ya'll come …

Meeting Minutes 9-21-2010

So, not a lot interesting happened in the past two weeks. BUT! There is a Cerner Tech Talk coming up! We'll have more information for you in a future post! *gasp!*

Meeting Minutes 9-21-10

Minutes 9-14-2010

Looks like the last week's minutes (September 9) got lost somewhere, but they may be up eventually, if we find them. Nothing much was discussed that week, it was all just callout stuff. Which is now past. So it's not that important, but we'd like to have it up for …