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Installfest Spring 2017

We will be having an Installfest on April 20th at 6 PM LWSN 1142. Come by if you wish to get help in installing Linux or to give help to those who need it. We will most likely have food so please come by!

Upcoming PLUG Events

Linux Installfest:
April 13th, 6pm, REC 108

Ever wanted to try Linux but don't know how? Want to try out a new OS with emotional support? Come to the Linux Installfest! We'll be providing some install media for common distributions and guiding people through the install process. Existing users can …

Open Source LAN

Fri, November 7, 6pm – 7pm

Our Open Source LAN is coming up. We will be playing open source games like Armagetron, Nethack, and Alien Arena. We will also most likely be ordering pizza for this event so if you would like some try and come a little early …

First Linux 101 Session

Hey everybody we have the first linux 101 session - Intro to Linux coming up on:

Tue, September 2, 7pm – 8pm
We'll be covering a little about what makes Linux special and some basic command-line tools to get you started.

I hope we can see you there.


Wednesday, August 27, 6-7pm, EE117

Hi everyone. The callout is coming up. We will be discussing the future and any other plans.

New Events for the New Semester

Aug 23 - We have the B involved fair.

Aug 28 - We have the CS student Organization fair.